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Social media marketing - how? why?

Social media is not about token effort; creating a profile on Facebook or LinkedIn, to then only forget about it. Instead, it is about finding a captive audience and then connecting with them in a meaningful manner.

Here I will explain how to use social media to good effect and why this will benefit you.


Unlike traditional forms of marketing, you cannot just fire messages out on social media and then forget about them. You have to earn the trust of your target audience.

You do this by engaging the user through direct discussion and interactive content. Excellent content on blogs, Facebook and Twitter, coupled with timely responses, will win you 'followers' and 'likes'.

As each individual then spreads your message, they draw their own networks to your site, in a nuclear style chain reaction. If this is executed correctly, you will reach far more people than any other medium.


  • Social media helps new people get exposed to your business
  • If it's done right, long term brand associations can be established
  • You have access to a potential client base of millions, at no cost

A word of warning- if you feel you are ready to tackle the world of social media, bear this advice in mind at all times: Your first impression will be the last impression you get to make. Remember this as you form your social media strategy and you will go far.

Mark - SOZO Design This article was published by Mark on 9th May 2011. “I am a self confessed internet addict! I am totally passionate about the endless possibilities of the internet and I love working in the thick of such an exciting industry.” Mark is a talented web developer and a complete natural at online marketing. What he doesn't know about Google or Facebook isn't worth knowing!
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