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Should you use video on your website?

Video is not for everyone but when it's used well, video can be far more effective than a paragraph of text in telling a story.

Video online is growing at a phenomenal rate. YouTube is now the second largest search engine after Google. People are starting to bypass Google and even bypass websites altogether and instead look straight to YouTube for information.

For example, if you want a demo on how to do something, rather than trawl through lots of websites to find a page of text, you could search directly on YouTube and watch a video showing you how to do it.

Often video can explain your services, or show off your products far more effectively than pages of text. Provided your video is concise and well thought out, it can engage an audience like no other medium.

Studies have shown that the human brain finds it easier to understand visually communication over the written word.

People are lazy. It is far easier to press play and sit back and be told information than making the effort to read it.

Get across your personality. Users like to see the real people behind a business. A video allows you to get your personality into your website.

Shaun Uthup - SOZO Design This article was published by Shaun Uthup on 10th November 2011. Shaun is the Creative Director of SOZO, which he founded back in 2000. There aren't many people who can claim to have over 15 years experience of web design and online marketing. Shaun really was one of the early pioneers of the web and continues to be an authority on web marketing.
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